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The primary goal of colour management is to obtain as close a colour match as possible between various devices – be they cameras, monitors or printers. A well colour managed system will provide the same appearance across all devices, provided the devices are able to deliver the needed colours.

The first part of the process is characterizing each device and measuring its capabilities in relation to a reference colour space. Once this has been done, an ICC profile is built to describe the capabilities of the device and these are used to transform colours from one space to another during the display and printing processes.

teckelworks has invested heavily in colour management tools and is able to calibrate and profile your monitor and printer so that your colours will match as best as they can. The advantage for you is greater certainty that your prints will look like they do on your monitor while saving you money by reducing the amount of wasted ink and paper.

We provide on-site consulting, training and ICC profile generation services.