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This one day workshop is designed to introduce studio lighting to photographers who have never been in the studio.

The workshop covers:

  • different types of studio lighting equipment
  • light meters and how to use them
  • inverse square law and how to apply it
  • quality of light and using light modifiers (umbrellas, soft boxes, grids)
  • controlling light and darkness
  • using reflectors
  • one and two light setups
  • tethered shooting (optional)


We will begin with on-camera flash and images like this:


and progress through various lighting setups and modifiers to develop images similar to the following:



In addition to photographing people, we will look at small product shots like this:


What to bring

  • DSLR or camera with manual mode
  • lenses in the 50 to 200mm range
  • laptop and card reader (optional)


Workshops will be held at:

Studio 12 Loft
126 James Street North, 2nd floor
Hamilton, Ontario