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Canvas Gallery Wrap Script

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A Photoshop Gallery Wrap script that creates a 2 inch mirrored border to prepare it for printing and eventual wrapping.

This script has been updated and a new version can be found here.

Gallery Wraps are a popular way to display art. The process involves stretching the edges of the canvas over a wooden frame and approximately 2 inches of canvas on each side is required to wrap around the frame. In order to not lose parts of the image, a 2 inch border needs to be added all the way around the image.  This can be either a solid colour or it can be mirrored from the image itself. This script creates a mirrored border.


Download and unpack the ZIP file. Open a Photoshop image and then click on File→Scripts→Browse and select the GalleryWrap.jsx file in the folder where you unpacked the ZIP file. More detailed instructions can be found in the Gallery Wrap Instructions PDF file included in the ZIP file.

Tested on Photoshop CS5 and CC on Macintosh. Reported to work on Windows and with older versions of Photoshop as well.

Version 1.0.2 – 2012/12/05 (adds support for untagged images)